The United States Student Association is hosting their annual 71st congress at the University of Arizona August 10-13 2018. 

Each summer, the National Student Congress (USSA) hosts the National Student Congress (NSC). This four-day event provides students with the opportunity to participate in shaping the national movement and making decisions that will guide the work of the United States Student Association for the 2018-2019 school year.

This year Congress will take place August 10th-13th, 2017, at The University of Arizona. Past directives coming from students at Congress have included, focusing on recruitment and retention of students of color in higher education, ending sexual assault on campuses, and securing more state and federal funding for grants. While attending Congress this year we want to hear about the issues your students are facing on your campus. How do you want to bring these issues to the national landscape and how can power be built by working together with students from across the country.




 "We, the students of public universities and colleges of Arizona, to promote democratic representation and engage in civic discourse, establish these Bylaws for the Arizona Students’ Association. In order to improve the standard of and ensure equal access to higher education, we will fiercely promote student interests in national and state governments. We will respect students of any multitude of communities or identities. We will achieve this through an ethical and civil discourse of public community college, undergraduate, and graduate students campaigning for the democratic and pragmatic will of all students."


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