Note: Theme for this year's LobbyCon was inspired by the University of California Student Association's IGNITE campaign. 

DAY 1: March 25th 

Day one is all about building collective knowledge through trainings, speakers & networking. Each of us come to this fight for affordable & accessible higher education with our own stories, our own truths, our own strengths. On day one we will hear from passionate students, professors, political candidates & elected officials throughout the day providing different perspectives on the fight for higher education. Throughout the day students will go through 3 trainings: "Unchaining the School To Prison Pipeline," "Story of Self" & "How To Lobby". 


DAY 2: March 26th

On Day 2 we put all that training to use. We spend the day at the Arizona State Capitol meeting with our elected officials, advocating for an affordable & accessible higher education for all!  


No prior lobby, advocacy or organizing experience is required. All the skills & knowledge you as a student need to successful meet with your elected officials will be provided in trainings. Additional support will be available from ASA staff to assist students who would like additional training of the issues or Lobbying after DAY 1.

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