Shayna is moving into her fifth year serving within ASA. She has served as an intern, Board Director, NAU campus organizer and President. As an intern, Shayna received the intern of the year award for her selfless dedication and exemplary leadership. She has committed herself to ensuring that she is a leader who participates, not one who dictates. As a board director, Shayna worked diligently to keep the student voice united among our three universities. When she became an organizer, she had one overarching goal, to organize herself out of a job. She succeeded in developing students on her campus, who will take her place as organizers last year. As ASA’s first President, Shayna was committed to ensuring ASA remained an organizational advocate, voice, and resource for students across the state of Arizona. This past year she received her Bachelor's Degree from NAU in Secondary Education. Currently serving as ASA’s Executive Director, Shayna hopes to use her institutional knowledge to pass down the skills she has gained over her years of service to new student leaders across the state of Arizona.


Nicolas Parra

B.A. Business (Law) '16

Nicolas Parra is a Senior at Arizona State University pursuing a B.A. in Business Law with a minor in Education Studies, and a certificate in International Business. During his time at Arizona State, he has become involved in over 30 different clubs and organizations on campus including Undergraduate Student Government, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Devils’ Advocates Tour Guides, Collegiate DECA, the W. P. Carey Explore Program, The W. P. Carey Fleischer Scholars Program, Camp Carey, and the Medallion Scholarship Program Council, among others. Last year, Nic also interned in the Policy Development & Government Relations Department for the Arizona Department of Education, working directly under the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Nic’s philosophy has always been – above all – to listen to students’ voices and concerns and express those voices through statewide civic engagement. Serving as the President of the Arizona Students' Association’s, he advocates for what the students of Arizona want and need in their universities at a statewide and national level and utilizes grassroots organizing to make it come to fruition.