The Arizona Students’ Association is...

a student-lednon-partisan organization created to represent the collective interest of the 140,000+ university students and 400,000+ community college students in Arizona. We advocate at the local, state, and national levels for affordable and accessible Higher Education.


Our organization is built around three pillars:

Advocacy is at the core of everything we do. ASA works to represent student issues to elected and appointed officials from Arizona to Washington D.C. ASA works directly with the Arizona Board of Regents, University Administrations, both State and Federal Legislators, City Councils, Arizona’s Governor, and the Secretary of State in order to ensure that students represented and their voices are heard.

ASA ensures that students are given the tools they need to be successful in running Direct Action Organizing campaigns on and off campus. Every year, ASA works to build student power through voter registration, education and GOTV. We know that students voting have the greatest affect on elected officials. In the spring, students organize campaigns to win victories in the state legislature and engage in those campaigns through tactics such as collecting student petitions and and student stories, to training students to lobby, to holding huge rallies and protests.

Because students are constantly graduating and moving on, the student movement is strengthened by strong leadership development work. ASA hosts two annual conferences, the Conference of Arizona Student Leaders every fall and Lobby Con every spring. To ensure that Arizona students are well trained for campaigns, we host on campus internships for college students and even have some advanced in-office internships that focus on government affairs and communications. Our goal is that every student that goes through our program is well prepared to enter the job market.