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Senate discusses upcoming elections and possibly attending "Lobbycon" (ASUA Notebook: 2/28/2019)


Chloe Hislop | The Daily Wildcat


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Measure to cut pay for student workers advances with GOP backing

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Arizona Settles Lawsuit To Make It Easier To Register To Vote

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Bill allowing students to be paid below state minimum wage faces pushback

Bill allowing students to be paid below state minimum wage faces pushback


Photo by Sam Deadrick | The State Press

"Arizona legislature bill will cause students to earn four dollars less per hour than the state's minimum wage." Illustration published on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019.

By Wissam Melhem | 02/20/19 4:30am


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State bill could drop minimum wage for Arizona college students

Reinvigorated ASA provides third way on tuition fight

Arizona Student Association takes the tuition fight to the legislature



"The ASA is working on tuition freezes, but is poorly funded and needs more awareness. " Illustration published Thursday, April 20, 2017. Photo by Julianna Crozier | The State Press

By Benjamin Steele | 04/20/17 

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Lenders reassure students, after feds allow collection fees on defaults


The Education Department reversed an Obama administration rule that kept student loan guarantors from charging collection fees for 60 days after a student default. Industry officials welcomed the move, but said they do not expect to exercise their new right. (Photo by SalFalko/Creative Commons)
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