On Wednesday, April 21 at 10 am, ASA attended a press conference with voting rights advocates including Progress Arizona and Mi Familia Vota at the Arizona State Capitol to demand state legislators protect our right to vote. 

The bills that are in the discussion are SB1485 and HB2309. SB1485 is a bill that would purge 100,000+ Arizonans from the vote by mail list while HB 2309, would charge protestors, usually young people with a class 6 felony for participating in a protest that has turned violent. The speakers in attendance included Eden from Our Voice, Our Vote, Adonias Arevalo from Poder Latinx, former State Representative Eric Descheenie, Bruce Franks Jr. from Mass Liberation Arizona, and Analise Ortiz with the ACLU.

After the press conference, the advocates then dropped off more than 3,000 petition signatures at the senate from Arizonans calling on state legislators to protect their right to vote. Many in attendance felt the urge to stop these two bills from becoming a law and taking away Arizonans’ rights to vote. 

“We have to come up and raise our voices because if we don’t, then these could become laws,” said Mayra Valenzuela, Civic Engagement Organizer from Mi Familia Vota. 

Adonias Arevalo shared the same sentiment as Valenzuela, 

“These bills will put a layer of obstacles for people to vote in a state where for many years, voters have been showing up. That’s why we are calling on Governor Ducey to veto these bills if they get to his desk.”

Bruce Franks urges Arizona Senators to be on the right side of history. 

“Vote against this bill, stand on the right side of history. SB2309 is what happens when you don’t center your policies around the communities most impacted. “

ASA believes these bills are trying to stop us from using our voices. If passed onto the law, these bills will decrease the student vote and a thousand other votes in the state of Arizona. Here’s what you can do. Call Governor Ducey at 1-877-406-6303 and ask him to veto these bills. Share with your friends, family and on social media, so more voters know about it and get involved. Our freedom to vote is under attack and we can’t afford to be silenced.

-Anna Deogratias, ASA Communications Director