Board Positions that will be opening for 2018:

ASU Director

NAU Director

UA Director

Director of Community Colleges

Director of Graduate Affairs

Board Member:

Per ASA Bylaws, The Board of Directors oversees the Association and is responsible for carrying out the mission, vision & values of the Association. Board members chosen, will be appointed for 1 year terms. Position will begin January 22, 2018 and end December 14, 2018. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develops and executes an agenda for ASA
  • Advocates on behalf of Arizona’s public university students to federal and state elected officials, the Arizona Board of Regents, university administrations, community college governing board and community college administrations
  • Participates in standing and or ad-hoc ASA committees
  • Provides financial management and oversight for the association, which includes adoption of the annual budget, review of quarterly reports, and monitoring of accounts
  • Promotes and organizes ASA campaigns and events on campus
  • Oversees bylaws and policy and procedures, and revises when appropriate
  • Recruits volunteers and builds coalitions
  • Analyzes the impact of policy and legislation on higher education in Arizona
  • Hires and fires the Executive Director; also, evaluates the E.D. twice a year
  • Attends all ASA meetings either in person or via teleconferencing
  • Reviews agenda and supporting material prior to board and committee meetings
  • Represents and advocates on behalf of Arizona’s public university and community college students to the best of his/her ability

Suggested Qualifications:

  • Previous Experience in ASA or intensive grassroots organizing,
  • Experience with working with elected officials and tracking legislation
  • Excellent communication skills; verbal and written
  • Knowledgeable about Arizona’s public university & community college system
  • Knowledgeable about Arizona politics


  • Must be a student enrolled at a public community college or university in Arizona

How to apply:

  • Send your cover letter and resume to our Executive Director Cesar Aguilar at
  • Please also include a word document with a well thought out answer to the following question:
    • What do you see as the biggest issue facing students of higher education today? (1-3 paragraphs) 

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