On Monday, November 16, President-Elect Joe Biden held a press conference and one of the questions asked was regarding student Debt. Biden laid down some of his plans for students which include increasing pell grants, a $10,000 forgiveness of student loans, free four-year college for anyone making under $125,000, and forgive student loans for those in public service. These are all ideas that can help many students pay off their debt and receive a post-secondary education without the financial burden but is it enough? Arizona students share their thoughts on Biden’s plans for them. 

Jacob Carter, a Sophomore double majoring in Sociology and Strategic Communication at NAU pointed out the fact that it’s going to help our country be a better state. 

“They (Joe Biden’s Plans) are going to be very beneficial. His plans will provide a gateway for students who sometimes don’t apply due to the financial aspect of post-secondary education. It’s going to dramatically change our country for the better because there will be more highly skilled people entering the labor force and more people will have a chance to access tech and social justice jobs.”

Carter also added that more needs to be done, but it’s a starting point. 

“I think it’s a start. What we need is free college for all and it is a good step that will guide our country for the better.” 

Marlene Arvizo, a Sophomore studying Elementary Education at Phoenix College had similar thoughts as Carter.  

“I think his plan has good intentions for students and is headed the right way. I feel like it’s a good foundation to start on, but there is always room to improve on plans. I do feel like access to Pell Grants should be more accessible to those whom FAFSA says they don’t qualify.”

While ASU student Armando Montero, a Sophomore studying Political Science said, 

“This is definitely a need that couldn’t come at a better time as students struggle academically, socially and mentally in the middle of a pandemic. While a step in the right direction, more has to be done in the near future to ensure a more fair and equitable education for all students. At a time when debt is piling up, mental health struggle is rising, and academic pressure is harder for many, we not only need more support, but a closer reflection of the current state of higher education in this country.” 

President-Elect Joe Biden is making good promises to many students and families around the country but it’s just not enough. His term hasn’t officially started yet, but when it does, students believe that he will not only fulfill those plans but will do even more to ensure that each student is receiving the quality education they deserve.


-Anna Deogratias, ASA Communication Fellow