Dear Students of Arizona,

The Arizona Students' Association is moving into our 40th year of uniting the student voice across all campuses in Arizona.

Our state constitution states that education "shall be as nearly free as possible" (Article 11, Section 6 of Arizona's Constitution). Yet, our state has increased tuition by 80.6 percent since 2008; the highest in the Nation, while decreasing per-student funding by 48.3 percent; the most in the Nation since 2008. We, the students of today are the ones who have the power to change tomorrow.  We have a unique opportunity to show our strength and activism on behalf of Arizona's students. This Congress provides us with just that--an opportunity to form our allies and build relationships within and throughout Arizona's vibrant and diverse landscape. Further, also provides us with the opportunity to develop relationships with national partners and join the national conversation on student loan rates, tuition inflation, and student success programs.

We need you, and Arizona needs all of us. Together, we will march forward, building relationships, forming coalitions, and steering the tide of student discontent into a positive campaign for change. This is the work we have been tasked with. Your actions are the legacy you leave behind for the young people who will follow you.

Together, as the Arizona Students' Association we here stand. Welcome to the family.

In Solidarity,

Shayna Stevens