Emma Burns is a junior studying Criminology and Environmental Sustainability at Northern Arizona University.  At the age of 13, while watching the news, she felt the need to do something and that’s when she started knocking doors also known as canvassing. 

While she was canvassing, Burns stumbled upon an older woman, who inspired Burns to get even more involved in politics and government.  This older woman spoke to her about how her mother would walk 15 miles just to vote and fought during the women's suffrage movement.

“It fueled me in hearing someone first hand talk about the women's suffrage movement and how voting was never easy for everyone.  That’s why I want to do as much as I can to get out the vote and make people aware that they need to get involved in politics because it affects everything,” Burns said. 

And before this year’s presidential election, Burns wants to build a community of volunteers in order to drive people to the polls especially in less privileged communities. 

She hopes to see people holding their family and friends accountable because she believes,

“It is important to care enough to do something, but if you are not actively voting or helping people register to vote, or getting out the votes for a candidate you care about, then you don’t really have room to complain!”

This election holds such a high stake for everyone and that’s why it’s important for all of us that are eligible to vote to do so, in order for our voices to be heard. In order for change to happen. And in order for a better future for the next generation to come. 

And that’s why Emma Burns votes.


-Anna Deogratias, ASA Communication Fellow