PHOENIX - As of today, the One Arizona coalition has registered 184,868 Arizonans to vote since the beginning of 2020--despite severe limitations on in-person activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In February, One Arizona announced the Show Up 2020 campaign, which aimed to register 250,000 Arizonans to vote. Only a few weeks later, the coalition was forced to suspend almost all in-person operations. Now, One Arizona member organizations have registered 184,868 people, despite the obstacles posed by the pandemic. One Arizona’s voter registration campaign is by far the largest voter registration effort in the state this year. 

A significant share of the registrations came through mailing information to voters and then following up through phone calls and text messages, in partnership with the Voter Participation Center. Many of the rest came from in-person registrations, including tens of thousands of registrations collected before March, as well as limited in-person operations since. Digital ads, radio ads, social media outreach, and text messages also led to thousands of registrations. In addition, the voter registration deadline extension allowed member organizations to go back into the field and continue their work. Although it was only for a few days, One Arizona members were able to register thousands of registrations they would have otherwise missed.

One Arizona is a nonpartisan, nonprofit coalition made up of 28 member organizations representing diverse communities across Arizona. Since its founding in 2010, the One Arizona coalition has registered hundreds of thousands of people to vote, permanently reshaping Arizona politics. 

“This has been an extraordinarily challenging year,” said Montserrat Arredondo, Executive Director of One Arizona. “But we came together as a coalition, problem-solved, supported each other, and are now on track to execute a historic campaign, despite all the obstacles. We know the stakes this year and are ready to do what it takes to ensure every voter can make their voice heard.”


Vianey De Anda


[email protected]

Cesar Aguilar


Director Of Legislative Affairs at The Arizona Students' Association