On Wednesday, April 28, President Biden addressed congress marking his 100th day in office. President Biden’s first report to the Nation included progress on COVID-19, raising the minimum wage to $15hr, introducing the American Families Plan, climate justice, social justice, immigration, protection for dreamers, and protecting Americans' rights to vote. 

There were many things that President Biden addressed tonight and the American Families Plan is one to keep an eye on. The two focal points for this plan are having access to good education and providing access to quality affordable child care. In this plan, President Biden proposed 2 years of free community college, increasing pell grant, universal pre-kindergarten, investing more in colleges that serve non-white students, and extending child-care credit at least to 2025. 

Although this plan will help many families in America, it will still leave many families with millions of dollars in student debt. Americans currently owe over $1.71 trillion in student debt and the American Families Plan is just not enough. We call upon President Biden to do more and cancel student debt. This will not only increase America’s economy but will create a better America where students do not have to choose between their education and job. 

Use the hashtags #BidenXstudentdebt, #cancelstudentdebt, #dropthedebt as we continue this fight to have access to good education for all Americans. 

-Anna Deogratias, ASA Communications Director