The Build Back Better Act has passed in the U.S. House of Representatives and is headed to the U.S. Senate. 

The Build Back Better Act makes transformative investments in public education and health care while also addressing Climate Change and Immigration Reform. The Arizona Students' Association is calling on Senator Sinema & Senator Kelly to support and help pass Build Back Better into law this year. It is also imperative that our Senators ensure investments to higher education are protected in the current Act.
These investments include:
  • $9 billion toward HBCUs, Minority Serving Institutions and Tribal Colleges
  • $7.6 billion toward Pell Grants, and—notably—a $550 boost to the maximum award for students annually
  • Expansion of the Pell Grant to Dreamers
  • $6 billion in additional funding toward HBCUS, MSIs and TCUs for resources and STEM-based learning opportunities for students.
  • $500 million in grants toward retention and completion
  • $700 million toward career and technical education
Sign the Petition to let Senator Sinema & Mark Kelly know that you support the Build Back Better Plan and they should too!

Senator Sinema & Senator Kelly,

Since 2008, Arizona students have experienced the the deepest cuts in funding to higher education and the largest increases in tuition in the nation. Now more than ever, Arizona students are being priced out of a higher education. The students of Arizona are calling on you to help us make higher education more affordable and accessible by supporting the Build Back Better Plan.

I am signing this petition to urge Senator Sinema & Senator Kelly to support the Build Back Better Plan with all provisions of higher education investments intact.