Cesar Aguilar

Executive Director

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Cesar became the Executive Director for ASA in April of 2018.  Cesar has served as an intern, NAU campus organizer, and legislative affairs director.  Cesar studied at Northern Arizona University and received his bachelor's in Political Science.  Cesar has worked on various political campaigns not only in Arizona but as well as Virginia.  Cesar was raised in a working-class family and continues to fight for students who come from working families so that they have the same accessibility to higher education he was provided with.  Cesar truly believes that college affordability is no longer available and is why he has been so dedicated to ASA because he believes "EDUCATION IS A RIGHT AND SHOULD BE FREE"
"I would have never imagined that 6 years later after starting my internship I would be running this state wide organization.  This organization has come a long way since 1974.  The battles it has occurred over the years make me proud to wake up in the morning and see that I am on the right side of history alongside students.  I am a huge supporter of ASA and will defend the organization until the end because it has offered me so many opportunities and has developed me into an educational leader.  I have a lot of goals for this organization but I must remind myself that everything takes time.


Kyle Nitschke

Organizing Director

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Kyle graduated from Northern Arizona University in May of 2019 with a BS in Political Science and BS in Strategic Communications. Kyle has been organizing since 2016, fighting for a variety of issues. In 2018, Kyle was the organizer for NextGen America in Flagstaff and registered over 2,500 young people and saw an increase in voter turnout in the 2018 election of 300% on NAU's campus. After graduating Kyle took a job with Eva Putzova's congressional campaign and learned the in's and out's of what running a true grassroots campaign looks like. 
Kyle's passion is in working with students and increasing their political power. Arizona has seen drastic cuts to public education funding across the board, and students, faculty, and staff are the people suffering as a result. Kyle wants to see Arizona increase its funding across the board to education (K-12, Community Colleges, and Universities) and to take mental health seriously. This 2020 year, with ASA Kyle, wants to build a statewide base register tens of thousands of voters, and bring our power to the state legislature to ensure our representatives make decisions with students in mind. 


Sara Kubisty 

Climate Justice Director

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Sara Kubisty is a recent NAU graduate with a Bachelor’s in Political Science. Sara previously served as an ASA fellow at NAU. Throughout her college career, Sara worked with various on-campus and off-campus clubs and organizations to advocate for environmental issues in the state of Arizona. The severity of the climate crisis and the communities it disproportionately impacts draws Sara to continue to fight for meaningful climate action through direct community service and electoral organizing work.


Anna Deogratias

Communications Fellow

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Anna is a first-generation recent college graduate from Arizona State University who received her Bachelor's degree in Communications and a minor in Theatre in May of 2020.  She worked in various places throughout her undergrad and discovered one of her passions is writing.  As a Communications Fellow,  She wants to create different communications strategies sand tell stories that leave a positive impact.  Anna hopes to encourage more students to actively participate in our government because we all want to see change happen and to live in a better future.  Besides writing, she loves acting and enjoys watching anything film/tv related, especially Korean Dramas.