My name is Nicolas Parra, and in May of this year, I was elected to represent the over 500,000 students across the State of Arizona in a local, statewide, and national context.

I am writing to you all to announce that there are still five open positions on the Board of Directors that I am looking to fill. These positions will start on June 24th, 2015 and will be compensated $200 monthly for twelve months. The responsibilities of these positions vary, but it will be strenuous work, as we hope to have great success within our organization this year. The positions of Legislative Director, Communications Director, Financial Director, Graduate Students Director, and the Central Arizona (ASU) Director are up for grabs. I have reached out to the three student body presidents as well as many clubs and organizations at all three universities so that we can have a large variety of students to select among. 

However- if you are not interested in a directorship, we will reinstituting the Internship program, asking about 5 hours per week of our interns. If you are interested, please check back in late July for updates.


Students, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and our great State.


Nicolas Parra
President-Elect, Arizona Students' Association