Petition Against HB 2523 



HB 2523 “Youth Employment” was introduced into the Arizona House by Rep Grantham as the only Sponsor of the bill.  The bill passed the the house with full support by Republicans and moved to the senate where it passed the Regulatory Committee by party lines as well.  HB 2523 is currently being held in the Rules Committee.  If it passes Rules it will then go to the floor of the Senate for a vote.

This bill allows an employer to pay a wage equal to the federal minimum wage if the employee is under 22 year of age, enrolled as a full-time student, and a student who does not work more than 20 hours per week.  

ASA is in strong opposition of this bill because it will directly impact University and Community College Students. Students are already drowning in student debt. This will cause students to take out more students loans and will also lead to many students having to drop out of college. 

This bill is almost cutting student wages in half form $11/hour to $7.25/hour. Many part time and full time jobs for students are to pay for rent and be able to eat.  This bill will make it harder for student to even survive college and would force some students to have to drop out of school.


 "We, the students of public universities and colleges of Arizona, to promote democratic representation and engage in civic discourse, establish these Bylaws for the Arizona Students’ Association. In order to improve the standard of and ensure equal access to higher education, we will fiercely promote student interests in national and state governments. We will respect students of any multitude of communities or identities. We will achieve this through an ethical and civil discourse of public community college, undergraduate, and graduate students campaigning for the democratic and pragmatic will of all students."